IINACT Setup Guide for XIV on Mac

Step 1: Download and Install WS Icon ChmodBPF (Required install for IINACT to work on macOS, more information on Wireshark can be found here.)

Step 2: Download BunnyHud Icon BunnyHUD and place in your /Applications folder. (Required for IINACT Overlays in macOS)

Step 3: Install the two .NET6 dependencies through the XIV on Mac top menu.

Install .NET

Step 4: Start or Auto-Launch IINACT through XIV on Mac top menu.


You should now see the IINACT icon in the MacOS status menu.


Right clicking the IINACT icon in the status menu will open the IINACT app settings.

IINACT Settings

Step 5: Start or Auto-Launch BunnyHUD through XIV on Mac top menu.

Start Bunnyhud

In the top right corner of BunnyHUD, click the "+"and add a new overlay.

Create New Overlay

Pick a DPS meter (Kargerou/MopiMopi etc.) or Cactbot preset.

BH Preset

Enabled overlays will be shown on the left under "Overlays". Clicking on an overlay will enable the Behaviour section to change an overlays display settings.

Show BH

IINACT Showcase:


ACT overlay screenshot in dungeon

ACT overlay screenshot against training dummy