March 31st, 2022:

Delta updates (Updated through application)

-Delta Changelog: 3.4 Beta

• Defaulting to CrossOver MoltenVK
---- Fixes flickering in highly lit areas
---- Fixes stuttering on older AMD hardware
---- Overall smoother presentation
• Updated Wine runtime
• Features a drop-down account switcher
• Allows two simultaneous game instances
• Minor Fixes

March 28th, 2022:

Delta updates (Updated through application)

-Delta Changelog: 3.3.2 Beta

• Fixed an issue that prevented controllers from working on Apple Silicon
• Dropped Launcher support for Catalina. Minimum required OS version is now Big Sur 11.0.

-Delta Changelog: 3.3.1 Beta

• Improved window behavior

March 25th, 2022:

Changelog: 3.3 - Beta

  • Merged Crossover 21.2 wine improvements
  • Greatly improved login reliability and error handling
  • Fixed an issue where DXVK would not correctly install on Apple Silicon
  • Includes almost complete state cache of all expansions
  • Will offer itself to auto-move to /Applications
  • Dalamud installation enhancements and adjustments to the default injection delay on Apple Silicon
  • Window state is will now be correctly restored upon closing or quitting the app

March 22nd, 2022:

Delta updates (Updated through application)

-Delta Changelog: 3.2.4 Beta

• Fixed an issue that prevented storing of the OTP secret into the keychain.
• Default Dalamud delay has been adjusted from 7s to 2s on M1.
• Updated Dalamud URL

March 21st, 2022:

Delta updates (Updated through application)

-Delta Changelog: 3.2.3 Beta

• Will warn and give the option to relocate if the app is installed in an unusual location.
• Fixed .NET framework install not showing up
• Updated Dalamud installer
• Other minor fixes

March 20th, 2022:

Delta updates (Updated through application)

-Delta Changelog: 3.2.2 Beta

• Actually fixing the install wizard not showing up this time
• Minor Fixes

-Delta Changelog: 3.2.1 Beta

• Fixed the install wizard not showing up when no prior game install was configured

-Delta Changelog: 3.2 Beta

• Added a DXVK state cache that includes most of EW and everything from ShB and earlier
• Discord integration has been replaced with a wine Discord bridge to be used in conjunction with dalamud.
• App will ask for permissions to the Documents folder on startup now
• Minor Fixes

March 16th, 2022:

Changelog: 3.0.1...3.1.4 - Beta

  • Will integrate with native macOS Steam client (must be open and logged in)
  • Rosetta detection is now working as expected
  • Maximum patch download speed is now configurable in settings
  • Fixed an issue which could lead to high cpu usage of the launcher
  • Fixed a crash (and potential login errors) depending on Locale
  • Minor Fixes

March 14th, 2022:

Launcher Setup Guide Video

  • New XIV on Mac setup guide video now available in website menu "Setup Guide".

March 8th, 2022:


Changelog: 3.0 - Beta

  • Standalone macOS launcher, animated banners, OTP support etc.
  • Native Apple Silicon support.
  • Auto application update (no more having to download every release from the website).
  • Super user friendly initial installer menu.
  • Custom Mac game installer/Patcher.
  • Updated settings menu, on the fly settings changing
  • Auto Launch for ACT and BunnyHud.
  • Standalone Dalamud plugin support and updating.
  • DXVK 1.10 update.
  • MVK 1.1.8 update.
  • Region fixes.
  • Network fixes.
  • Better error handling.
  • Fewer dependencies.
  • Several bug fixes.
    and more!