The "XIV on Mac" application is a superior way of playing FFXIV on macOS.
It provides improved performance (vs) Square Enix's native macOS launcher & Codeweavers Crossover.

The current focus and objective for the XIV on Mac team is to provide an alternative method of running FFXIV on macOS, but now without the Crossover cost. In December of 2021, the XIV on Mac team decided to make this project more user friendly by providing a standalone port. With this will come a better FFXIV experience on Mac and the support for the Mac community that Square Enix is lacking.

The XIV on Mac application is 100% free, open source to the community, and will be updated regularly. It includes a custom-built Wine distribution as well as performance enhancements to both DXVK and MoltenVK. XIV on Mac supports Dalamud plugins, Active Combat Tracker, and Gshade.

Our current admin staff:

Marzent (Head Developer, Technical Support)
Seathasky (Project Manager, Support)
FleetAdmiralButter (Web Developer, Support)
Zoey Cluff (Contributor, Support)
Wyldfire (Contributor, Mac Development, Support)

Special thanks:

  • Gcenx - for keeping wine single-handedly alive on macOS and helping out a lot with packaging our custom wine
  • goaats - for the amazing XIVLauncher and cross-platform efforts.
  • redstrate - for his nativelauncher which made dalamud injection very easy to implement without .net framework and his Astra launcher.
  • tyrone-sudeium - for his LaunchXIV App, upon which most of the login flow code was based upon.
  • Franz Renatus - for helping out with support and his ever useful Franzbot.
  • QuantCDN - for letting us use their service free of charge to host our website and auto-update system.
  • Codeweavers - for giving us permission to use their MoltenVK dylib from Crossover.

And very special thanks to our wonderful community and contributors. Without your love for this project, we would not exist!