Once you've installed XIV on Mac, use this guide to set up optimal graphics settings for the game.

The settings below reproduce quality equivalent to the "High (Desktop)" preset while maintaining a high frame rate.

Approximate performance values for various systems can be found in the Compatibility List.

Before working down this list, please ensure that the "Standard (Laptop)" or "Standard (Mac)" presets are selected.

UI Resolution

  • Value: High (4K)
  • Graphical Impact: High

Use low-detail models on distant objects. (LOD)

  • Value: Off (Unchecked)
  • Graphical Impact: High

Real-time Reflections

  • Value: Standard
  • Notes: Users on M1 Max or better can set this to Maximum to match the quality of the "Maximum" preset.
  • Graphical Impact: Medium

Edge Smoothing

  • Value: FXAA
  • Graphical Impact: Medium

Grass Quality

  • Value: High
  • Graphical Impact: Medium

Parallax Occlusion

  • Value: High
  • Graphical Impact: Medium


  • Value: Normal (no change)
  • Notes: Settings above Normal are not compatible with XIV on Mac.


  • Value: Display for all categories
  • Graphical Impact: High

Use low-detail models on shadows

  • Value: Off (Unchecked)
  • Graphical Impact: Medium

Shadow Cascading

  • Value: Best
  • Graphical Impact: Strong

Shadow Softening

  • Value: Strong
  • Graphical Impact: Medium

Texture Detail

  • Texture Filtering: Anisotropic
  • Anisotropic Filtering: x8
  • Graphical Impact: High

Movement Physics

  • Value: Full for all options
  • Graphical Impact: Low

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

  • Value: Light
  • Notes: HBAO is not supported and will cause black screen issues as described above.
  • Graphical Impact: Medium

Character and Object Quantity

  • Value: Normal
  • Notes: Located in the "Other Settings" tab.
  • Graphical Impact: N/A

XIV on Mac Optimised:

Optimised Settings Screenshot

Maximum Preset:

Max setting screenshot

Standard (Laptop) Preset:

Standard preset screenshot