XIV on Mac requires the latest versions of macOS Monterey, Ventura, or Sonoma. Only the latest point release of each major operating system is supported. For best results, use macOS Ventura or later on a Mac with Apple silicon.

As of version 4.10, macOS Big Sur is no longer supported. Users who need to remain on Big Sur can continue using version 4.9 but will not receive any further bug fixes or improvements.

GPU Detection

Detected GPU: xivmac.com is trying to determine your GPU.


Compatibility List

XIV on Mac is verified against the hardware configurations in the table below. Macs containing this hardware are:

  • 13" (Apple Silicon) and 14" MacBook Pro from 2020 and later;
  • 15" and 16" MacBook Pro from 2016 and later;
  • MacBook Air (Apple Silicon) from 2020 and later;
  • iMac and iMac Pro from 2017 and later;
  • Mac mini from 2020 and later;
  • Mac Pro from 2019 and later;
  • Mac Studio;
Apple M3/Pro/Max Apple M3/Pro/Max -
Apple M2/Pro/Max/Ultra Apple M2/Pro/Max/Ultra All M2 chip configurations supported, including 192GB M2 Ultra
Apple M1/Pro/Max/Ultra Apple M1/Pro/Max/Ultra All M1 chip configurations supported, including 128GB M1 Ultra.
Any recent Intel Core or Xeon CPU AMD Radeon Pro/RX 6000 series Lower end cards may experience frame timing issues; see FAQ for instructions to fix.
Any recent Intel Core or Xeon CPU AMD Radeon Pro/RX 5000 series Lower end cards may experience frame timing issues; see FAQ for instructions to fix.



The scores below were obtained from the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker benchmark, using recommended settings.

Note: At 1080p, most higher-end M-series chips are bottlenecked by Rosetta's x86 to ARM translation overhead rather than the GPU. However, they will be able to scale to high resolutions (1440p, 5K, 6K+) with minor performance loss.


GPU 1080p Scores 1440p Scores Notes

Apple M3 Max

(12 P-cores + 4 E-cores)

Apple M3 Max (40 cores)

Score: 17338

Average FPS: 124

Score: 15734

Average FPS: 111

- Experimental MoltenVK + MSync

- High Power Mode

Apple M3 Pro

(6 P-cores + 6 E-Cores)

Apple M3 Pro (18 cores)

Score: 17079

Average FPS: 123


Apple M1 Ultra

(16 P-cores + 4 E-cores)

Apple M1 Ultra (48 cores)


Score: 15746

Average FPS: 114

- Experimental MoltenVK + MSync

Apple M2 Max

(8 P-cores + 4 E-cores)

Apple M2 Max (38 cores)

Score: 15568

Average FPS: 113


Apple M2 Pro

(8 P-cores + 4 E-cores)

Apple M2 Pro (19 cores)

Score: 11223

Average FPS: 78


Apple M1 Max

(8 P-cores + 2 E-cores)

Apple M1 Max

(32 cores)

Score: 16058

Average FPS: 117

Score: 13967

Average FPS: 100

Apple M1 Pro Apple M1 Pro Score: 8575
Average FPS: 58
Apple M2 Apple M2 Score: 6309
Average FPS: 42
Apple M1 Apple M1

Score: 5284
Average FPS:  37

Score: 3390
Average FPS: 22

Thermal throttling occurred during testing. M1 MacBook Air does not have active cooling.

Recommended to cap FPS at 30 or 45 if you play at 1080p (or) lower resolution to 1440x900 to maintain 60 fps.

1440p is pretty unplayable and not recommended. Should really only be used for screenshots on this M1 chip.