macOS Version
ReShade requires macOS Ventura or later.


Installing ReShade

Follow these steps if you're installing ReShade for the first time.

1) If you were previously a GShade user, please follow the uninstall instructions to remove it first.

2) Open

3) Click Mog to copy the command, paste it into the Terminal window, and hit Return/Enter. This will automatically detect XIV on Mac and install ReShade:

/bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/perl -e "$(curl -fsSL"'

4) If everything worked correctly, you should see something that resembles the output below:

ReShade installation

Note: If the install script exits with a timeout or internal server error, it means that the ReShade website is down. Please try installing again later. You can visit our Statuspage for more information or ask for help on Discord. 

5) Open XIV on Mac and launch the game. You should see the ReShade banner appear at the top of your screen.

6) Now you will need to manually download and extract the ReShade shaders and textures. Download it here

7) Double click on the downloaded file to extract it, then copy the "Shaders" and "Textures" folder to the "game" folder in your FFXIV installation. Once you're done, it should look something like the below:

ReShade directories

8) Switch back to the Final Fantasy XIV window and open the ReShade panel. You can either use the "Home" key on a full-sized keyboard, or Fn + Left Arrow on a MacBook. Go to the Settings tab, and click + under the "Effect search paths" section. Click on the "Shaders" folder and click Select. Repeat this for the "Texture search paths" section, but point it at the "Textures" folder instead.

Alternative Reshade Settings Keybind:

If FN + Left Arrow is not working for you due to your keyboard layout, you can edit the Reshade.ini file inside "ffxiv/game" (Press CMD+i on XOM Launcher to get to your ffxiv folder) If the game is on an external drive, find your ffxiv/game folder there.

Open Reshade.ini in your favorite text editor. Scroll to Line 23. Find KeyOverlay=X,X,X,X and change the numbers to KeyOverlay=50,0,1,0  This will remap your Reshade Settings keybind to "Shift+2". You can remap this later in Reshade Settings Tab in game if it's conflicting with your current hotbar keybinds.

9) Under both newly added entries for effects and textures, add a ** to the end of the path. It should look like the below:

Recursive loading

10) Navigate back to the Home directory and click Reload. ReShade should start compiling all installed shaders. This could take a while depending on the speed of your Mac. Once the list is populated, installation is complete!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I update ReShade?

A: You can re-run steps 2-4 above to install a new version of ReShade. There should be no additional configuration required.

Q: Can I use shaders or presets from GShade?

A: Yes, but certain effects may not work correctly. You will also need to obtain a copy of these files yourself as GShade's licensing does not allow for their content to be used with ReShade.

Q: My game crashes after installing ReShade?

A: If you used GShade previously, please make sure it is fully uninstalled. You can verify this by opening the XIV on Mac app support folder (by choosing File -> Open Install Folder) and going to ffxiv -> game. Check that there are no files named "d3d11.dll" or "d3dcompiler_47.dll". If there are, delete them and try again.