XIV on Mac is a better way to play Final Fantasy XIV on macOS.

Our current focus and objective is to provide a way for Mac gamers to run Final Fantasy XIV on macOS without paying for CrossOver or dealing with Square Enix's poorly supported wrapper.

XIV on Mac includes a native launcher written in Swift and support for GShade and Dalamud. It also provides significantly improved performance over the official wrapper while supporting the latest technologies from Apple - such as macOS Ventura, Apple Silicon, and Metal 2. We've even gone as far as building a custom Wine distribution and applying further optimisations to DXVK/MoltenVK to better support the game.

XIV on Mac is 100% free and open source, with active development and regular updates.

Our current admin staff:

Marzent (Head Developer, Technical Support)
Seathasky (Project Manager, Support)
FleetAdmiralButter (Web Developer, Support)
Wyldfire (Contributor, Mac Development, Support)
Gcenx (Contributor, Head macOS Wine maintainer, Support)

Special thanks:

  • goaats - for the amazing XIVLauncher and cross-platform efforts.
  • redstrate - for his nativelauncher which made dalamud injection very easy to implement without .net framework and his Astra launcher.
  • tyrone-sudeium - for his LaunchXIV App, upon which most of the login flow code was based upon.
  • Franz Renatus - for helping out with support and his ever useful Franzbot.
  • QuantCDN - for letting us use their service free of charge to host our website.
  • Codeweavers - for giving us permission to use their MoltenVK dylib from Crossover.
  • Zoey Cluff - for her year long contribution to the project.



Additional credits:

A big thank you to our community for sharing their screenshots with us and allowing their use as design assets: