Getting Help for Problems with Plugins
Please ask for help on the XoM Discord first rather than approaching developers directly.



Dalamud is a plugin framework that allows for the use of community created and supported plugins. Most of these plugins aim to provide quality of life fixes to the game.

Dalamud is traditionally used with XIVLauncher. XIV on Mac now brings Dalamud and its repertoire of plugins to the Mac with a one-click setup.


If you didn't choose to enable Dalamud support during the setup process, you can enable it any time in Preferences.

Navigate to the "Plugins (Dalamud)" tab and select "Enable Dalamud". The "Entrypoint" option should be left unselected for now. Unless you are experiencing issues, the Delay should be left as the default value.

Dalamud setup

Launch the game and you should see the Dalamud menu appear on the left.



Q: Where can I find a list of officially supported plugins and their descriptions?

A: A list of first-party plugins is available here.

Q: I've enabled Dalamud but nothing appears in-game?

A: Dalamud might be unavailable for a number of reasons. After a new patch has been released, it can take some time for Dalamud to be updated to support it. You can check for more info. 

Some systems may require tweaks to the load delay. While the default value is suitable for most systems, slower Macs may require a longer delay. Try adjusting this value by 1 second increments, up to a maximum of 12 seconds. If you are still experiencing issues with getting Dalamud to load, please ask for help on our Discord.

Q: My game crashes after enabling Dalamud, even though no plugins are installed?

A: Try running a game repair using File -> Repair Game Files.

Q: My game crashes after installing a plugin, or I can't get a specific plugin to work?

A: Unfortunately, some plugins do not work properly under Wine. While the vast majority will work with no issues, the following plugins have known compatibility problems:

  • Browsingway - will cause the game to crash when enabled.
  • Discord Chat Bridge - Wine incompatibility will cause the plugin to lock up.

Q: After enabling Dalamud, my game hangs briefly on the title screen after starting up?

A: This is expected behaviour. Dalamud can take a moment to load in your plugins, and the game will hang during this time. This should not take longer than a few seconds, and the game will return to normal once startup is complete.