Getting Help with GShade
Please ask for help on the our Discord first rather than approaching GShade developers directly.


GShade Visual Setup Guide


Installing GShade

Follow these steps if you're installing GShade for the first time.

1) Open

2) Click Mog to copy the command, paste it into the Terminal window, and hit Return/Enter. This will automatically download and execute the GShade installation script:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

3) You should see the following menu appear:

gshade interactive menu

4) Press the 'F' key on your keyboard. Certain settings, such as the location Final Fantasy XIV is installed to, will be automatically obtained from XIV on Mac. The additional steps required for Apple Silicon are also handled automatically.

5) That's it! If everything went well, the script should let you know that XIV on Mac was automatically detected and GShade installation is complete. Launch the game and you should see the GShade menu appear after a few seconds.


Updating GShade

Follow these steps to update your GShade installation.

1) Repeat steps 1-3 from the installation section above to launch the GShade script.

2) Instead of pressing 'F', press '1' on your keyboard. This will automatically download and install the latest version of GShade.

Note: If you're having problems updating, you can choose option 'U' instead of '1'. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this guide for other games, such as the Sims 4?

A: No, we only support Final Fantasy XIV.

Q: I updated and my presets are gone! How can I get them back?

A: The installer creates a backup of your presets during every update. They are stored in ~/.local/share/GShade/Backups. You can navigate to this path directly by using the Go -> Go to Folder menu in the Finder.